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About us

A very warm welcome!

As the free church Wiesenthal, we are a community of people from different generations and nations. We love Jesus, follow him, and spread God’s love by word and deed. Everybody is welcome.

The church service on Sundays, 10:30 a.m., is the main event of our church week. This is where we celebrate God by worshipping him, learning from his word and by receiving Communion. During the week, there are a lot of different events and groups for children and youths in our church building.

As a church, we belong to the Union of Evangelical Free Churches in Germany. We are even connected to other churches in Plettenberg via the Evangelische Allianz. We are especially connected to the Forum Wiedenest e.V.

Within the brethren movement in Germany, we belong to the ChristusForum Deutschland. Furthermore, we are also part of the worldwide movement (www.ibcm.net). In fact, we are one of the oldest brethren churches in Germany - worshipping the Lord since 1867 in the Oestertal.

If you have any questions, please contact Pastor Veit Claesberg. Please check our Instagram channel and YouTube channel.